Resources for the Job Seeker

There are as many diverse kinds of jobs in the nonprofit sector as there are in the other sectors. These organizations need accountants, and marketing experts, and sales people (called fundraisers or development professionals in the nonprofit sector), and policy advocates, and IT specialists. They need people with specialized expertise in human services, volunteerism, community development and the like as well, but most of the skills needed to develop and manage an enterprise of any kind are needed by nonprofit organizations.

It is not necessarily better to work for a nonprofit than another sector, but it has a strong appeal to people, like you, who want to make their community or the world a better placeā€”not for a profit or any other reason than because it is important work. And most who work in the sector will tell you it is particularly fulfilling work.

Recruiting Events


Some of the nonprofit sector's leading employers can be found at these upcoming events. We encourage you to consider attending these job fairs - keep an eye open for a Careers for Good banner and booth, and connect with NHSA member organizations. Details on each can be found by using the appropriate links.

Member Jobsites

Below is a list of National Human Service Assembly members, their websites, and if available their job websites. We encourage you to visit these sites for current job listings and information about what these organizations contribute to the human services community.

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