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Great People and Great Careers in the sector...


Picture ofMargie Wang

Margie Wang, Vice President, Finance Services & Technology
Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA)

Margie’s Bachelor’s and Masters degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science and Finance positioned her for her current position. Under her leadership, GSUSA implements a nationwide enterprise system for member, financial, retail and fundraising management, and data warehouse capabilities; and a pathway for girls to participate virtually. Her desire to transfer her industry skills to Girl Scouts led her to a career in the nonprofit sector. She adds, “in a federated nonprofit organization, one has the ability to have an impact on local communities nationwide.”

Picture ofDeborah (Debbie) Foster

Deborah (Debbie) Foster, Chief Diversity Officer & Executive Vice President
United Way Worldwide (UWW)

With degrees in early child development and social work, Deborah is responsible for relationships with key stakeholders, including United Way professionals, organized labor and national nonprofit organizations. She served as a consultant for United Ways in Africa and led a number of other efforts for United Way, including a 100 million dollar food and shelter program. “Being engaged in helping individuals and communities think provides a unique opportunity to continually learn, grow and align with my interests, skills and values” she states.


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